My Review of Bio-Insecticide EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer

If you are looking for natural home remedies for bed bugs, the first and most important step is to use a safe and effective bio-insecticide that kills and repels them without harming you, your pets or the environment.

I recommend Ecoraider Bed Bug Killer, and as you read below, you’ll see why.

As you may already know, bed Bugs have become the plague of the 21st century. They are found everywhere, from fancy hotels and expensive homes to low income neighborhoods, trains and buses. It’s not easy to get rid of these critters and the insecticides commonly used, have become so over used, that the bed bugs have become resistant to them.

These commonly used products also have the potential of making you sick. Once I got such a bad headache from using one of those toxic insecticides that I had to stop spraying.

effective natural bed bug sprayFortunately, I found EcoRaider, an effective non-toxic bio-insecticide for bed bugs…

…So, no more adverse reactions and no more recurring bed bug problem.

Ecoraider is made with organic botanical compounds and that continue to work 14 days after you apply it.  If you use  this product according to the instructions on the label you should have great results. Below I included the manufacturer’s video, which shows you how to “prep” and where to spray. 

After the 14 days, as a one two punch, I also apply diatomaceous earth (D-Earth) everywhere bed bugs love to hide. D-Earth is another natural home remedy for bed bugs that I use to repel them.

Below this page I show you where you can get D-earth and other natural home remedies for bed bugs.

 Why Use EcoRaider Spray?

EcoRaider is a best selling broadspectrum bio-insecticide because it kills bed bugs with 100% efficacy and keeps working 2 weeks after the initial application.

EcoRaider kills all stages of bed bugs: Egg, Nymph, adult.        how to kill bed bug eggs

This is a safe and natural bed bug spray that is made from organically extracted botanical extracts that are:

  • 100% bio-degradable
  • Green & sustainable
  • Non-toxic chemicals-(Sodium lauryl sulfate,  Cedar oil, Geraniol and other proprietary non-hazardous ingredients)
  • Non-pollutant to water & soil
  • Non-toxic foot print in ecosystem
  • Safe to humans & pets

 Why is EcoRaider Safe to Humans & Pets

EcoRaider is lethal to insects such as bed bugs but it is harmless to humans and animals. This is because of the unique way it attacks insects.

EcoRaider attacks insect’s Octompamine that only exists in insects and other invertebrates, thus not affecting humans or pets.

Most conventional pesticides (such as Pyrethroids) attack the sodium channels present in the nervous system of all insects, animals and humans, thus each insecticide can pose a unique level of risk to non-target, pets, humans and environment.

Child and Pet Friendly

EcoRaider’s ingredients are in compliance with FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) standard:

  • Child & Pet friendly
  • Sensitive skin friendly
  • Furniture friendly
  • Easy to use

Authorities Agree

1) The USDA has certified EcoRaider as bio-based and included it as part of its Bio-Preferred Program.

2) The EPA categorized EcoRaider as a “minimum risk pest control product” and safe to use around children and pets.

3) A recent Rutgers University study results showed that EcoRaider showed “strong effectiveness in eradicating bed bug infestations in housing and apartments, comparable to a leading professional grade pesticide.”

4) The Entomological Society of America confirmed EcoRaider to be the most effective natural bed bug insecticide in the market.

How to Properly use EcoRaider (Video)

Verdict:  Review of EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer

If you’ve been looking for what I consider an effective, safe and natural bed bug spray, that effective natural bed bug spraycontinues to work days after the initial treatment, EcoRaider is the product for you.


“EcoRaider is a great product for us,” Krueger said. “It’s really important to have a green product because we have elderly and disabled residents. Not only has this worked for us in helping kill bed bugs and other insects but it has made my employees feel better. That’s been huge for us.” Debra Krueger, Executive Director of The Mercer County Housing Authority, Illinois 

“It’s big to us and we’re tree huggers so we’re environmental by nature. It’s also a protocol that we bid that out every three years that they use chemicals that are environmentally friendly. We attempt to do that with everything we do and that’s why EcoRaider is good as a green product. It works great for us.” Robert Landry, Executive Director of The Glens Falls Housing Authority, New York


Q: Where can I get EcoRaider?

A: You can get EcoRaider from the manufacturer or just (click here)

Q: What are the ingredients in EcoRaider?

A:  Sodium lauryl sulfate,  Cedar oil, Geraniol and other proprietary non-hazardous ingredients

Q: Is it safe to spray EcoRaider around the elderly, infants and pets?

A: Yes! EcoRaider has minimal risk for using around all vertebrates- People, pets, fish, birds.

Q: Do I have to vacate the premises before or after the treatment?

A: No there is no need to vacate the premises either before or after the treatment.

Q: How many treatments of EcoRaider do I need to kill bed bugs?

A: One treatment should be enough if you follow the instructions properly. However, depending on the infestation level and how thorough the first treatment was done (most people miss areas), you can do another treatment.

Q: Can I spray EcoRaider directly to my bedding and linen?

A: Yes. All the ingredients in EcoRaider are of minimum risk to people and pets and are in compliance with FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe)

Q: Will EcoRaider damage my funiture or wood floors?

A: No. EcoRaider does not contain corrosive solvents or harsh chemicals that could damage regular paint or wood finishes. For surfaces and fabrics of special concern, test a small spot before use.

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